Terms of sale


-Any contract entered into by the company for the supply of good is subject to these conditions. Any writing on or attached to any purchase order form, document or correspondences shall not be included or implied unless previously agreed upon in writing and signed by an authorized officer of the company.

-No order for supply arising from a quotation or otherwise shall be deemed to be accepted in writing by the company until accepted in writing by the company or until delivery of the goods, whichever shall be the earlier.

-No responsibility is accepted by the company for any inaccuracy or error in orders given by telephone.


-Azmoon products are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for a period of 18 monthes from the date of shipment. We will repair or replace such items as may prove defective at our option. Under no condition will we allow labor charges or other expenses to repair defective merchandise without our approval.

-We accept no responsibility for damage or abuse to apparatus due to improper installation or operation


-Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing the contract packing is not included in the contract price and will be the subject of an additional charge by the company. The company does not give warranty as to the fitness of any packing for storage purposes or any other purpose other than the transport of the goods to this named contract destination.

-In all cases containers, bottles, packages and packing materials are not returnable.


Cancellation of the order by the customer for whatever reason shall entitle the company to payment of all costs expenses and losses of the company arising therefrom. Such notification of cancellation by the purchaser shall not be deemed to have been accepted by the company in the absence of specific agreement by the company in writing to that affect. In all cases the company reserves to itself any rights that it may have in law.

Items may not be returned without prior written permission from Azmoon Co. no item is returnable after 30 days from shipping to customer. All returns are subject to a restocking charge of 15% of selling price (15% minimum). Any use and/or damage by customer or due to customer,s improper repacking is subject to further charges as necessary to place items in a reasonable condition. Returns can be accepted. Claims: all claims for shortage, breakage or other discrepancies should be filed with the carrier immediately upon receipt of the shipment.


The company reserves the right to charge for the preparation off all drawings or sketches prepared either for the submission of quotations or any execution of orders. All such drawings remain the property of the company.

Catalog specifications and descriptions are as accurate as possible. We reserve the right to make changes and improvements in accordance with the latest specifications and design development.

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